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Thursday, March 14, 2013

First Open Heart Surgery Conducted by Robot In UK

Surgens have been successful in open heart surgery by the help of robot for the first time in Britain, New Cross Hospital. Surgens had been watching the operation conducted by robot called Da Vinci through high definition camera, and contyrolling the robot while sitting away. Twent-two years Pamili Jones was the first patient who passed through this surgery for hole in the heart. Surgens claim that this methods was safer than trditional methods of surgery. Opposite to te normal method of open heart surgery, cut is made in the ribs and the hands of robot are made enter inside, one surgen is examining the heart through high definition camera and using the control panel can move the hands of robot. When surgen move his hand up to 3 mm, the robot's hand in response moves only up to one mm. Heart surgen Stephen Bling says," Patient feels less pain in this operation, and his recovery is very quick as compared to traditional method and he gets able soon to go home and resume his routine activities." Jones had 3.5 cm long hole in her heart and operation lasted for nine hours. She said she wanted her surgery as soon as possible so that she may return home back quickly to take care of her two-year son. She said though she was scared a bit but she also did not want a big wound and she said she was happy to knowe that she would be the first patient whose surgery was to be conducted by new method. Another comparatively a complicated operation was done by robot to repair the heart valve of 43-year Pal. Doctors say that by this operation Pal will be able to return to his work within two months while, in traditional method it would have taken six months. The hospital administration says 30 operation each year will be done by robots. Britain is the third country after Sweden and Finland where heart surgery has been started by robots. Surgens were trained in Finland before conducting this surgery. However, surgen agree that method due to being expensive robots could not be used much. Because each apparatus and tool used on the hands of robot costs 2000 pounds and the hands have to be changed after surgery.

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