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Monday, March 25, 2013

British Overseas Territories

*-- Anguilla:- According to the 1982 constitution of Anguilla, it is British colony. It is siyuated in Carribean sea or in West Indies islands. Its total area is 91 square kilometers. Ninety percent of the population is inhabited by original African generation. Hubert Hughes is the chief minister appointed by British Queen. But according to the constitution he has to get approved all his decisions by British member parliament Mark Simmonds. The defence administrsation of the island is the responsibility of the British army. Though, Britain has declared it under its guardianship since 1980, however, British settelers have occupied the island since 1950. *-- Bermuda:- Known due to its famous Bermuda Triangle in the whole world, Bermuda Island is the British colony. This mysterious island is situated in Atlantic Ocean near the northern coast of the USA. Having an area of 54 squae kilometers Bermuda is under the British Crown since 1684. The prime minister of the island is Craig Cannonier. But his all decision pertaining to political and defence affairs would have to be approved by member British parliament Mark Simmonds.In Bermuda 54 percent population is of local black people while 31 percent is thatrt od white people.

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