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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Gwadar Sea Port Is Pinching In The Eyes Of USA Like Thorne

The fishermen's village once this back ward and far flung village unknown to the world is the focus of world attention today. Its magagement has been handed over to China on Febryary 18, 2013. China and Iran are the two most unwanted countries in the Asia to the USA. Pakistan has handed over Gwadar to China and signed an gas pipeline agreement with Iran. Both acts have made USA restless. How a coward and slave country like Pakistan has taken the courages step, is the most unlikely act for the USA. All the ways of withdrawl from Afghanistan pass through Pakistan. The game of maintaining monopoly on the only main sea channel of transportatrion of oil and gas from the coasts of Malaya up to Persian Gulf has entered into critical phase. A day before Pakistan handed over Gwadar port to China on February 17, Iran announced to establish Naval base at Pasa Bandar coastal town only 30 km away from Gwadar sea port. After which this area around Gwadar was highlighted with red circles on the world map. Which Americans termed a 'Hot Spot' of the area. American sure that Gwadar sea port and the Iranian Naval Base are the plans of Pakistan, China and Iran whose economic, military and political interests are harmonized. Strait of Hurmaz is only 400 nautical miles from Gwadar port. The defence strategists term the Strait of Hurmaz the main economic blood vessel of Gulf. It is the central route of transoortation of oil from persian Gulf States to China. (Continued)

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