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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Several Lollywood Actresses Are Sitting Idle But Posing Themselves Too Busy In Showbiz

Many actresses of Lollywood have no film to do and since log they did not face camera. But they show themselves being too busy in shooting films. Meera after failure in Lollywood now intends to shift to Dubai. She also got helped by a Minister for multiple Indian visa but failed. Resham is acting in dramas. zara Sheikh lefy film industry after shooting a bridal shoot, lastly. Reema announced not to work in her own film. Sana is also doing TV dramas. Veena is a third class heroine in Lollywood. Nirma is sitting idle. Laila did work in "Jersy' for the last time. Nargis is running beauty parlor after leaving showbiz. Saima who was once the busiest actress of Lollywood after doing her husband's film "Davar Bhabhi" is idle now a days. Among the famous senior actresses of Lollywood, Subeha Khanum is settlerd in America, Musarrat Nazir in Canada, while Neelo is contented in her life with her grand daughters.

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