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Sunday, March 24, 2013

"Suicidal Bombars Are Ready"--- Taliban's Threat To Musharraf

Tehreek E Taliban Pakistan has threatened Parvez Musharraf that as soon as he reches to Pakistan he will be killed. The Taliban spkeperson claimed that teams of snippers, assaault units, suicidal bombars and and experts in armed fight have been prepared, for the purpose. In a latest video issued by Taliban it has been said that they have not forgotton Musharrraf's brutalities and they will take revenge of all the killings by him. An absconder accused of attack on Musharraf Adnaan, Rashid was shown speaking in the video. He said that Musharraf's days of life left are counted. A troop of special Taliban squad have also been shown in an hilly area under training in six-minute duration video. Adnan Rashid threatened Musharraf in english language to hand over himself to Taliban, otherwise he will be targetted from a place he would never know. The spokeperson of Taliban Ehsaan Ullah Ehsaan for the first time invited Baloch fighters to join the Tehreek e Taliban.

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