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Sunday, March 3, 2013

National Geographic --- Mile Stones And Acheivements-5

*--The senior associate editor(+)Joseph Judge of the magazine of the society disclosed after five years research in October 1986 that famous tourist Columbus during his new discovery"America" did not put his first step on the land of San Salvador of the Bahamas islands, but stepped on Samana Cay. *-- In May 1996, a mummy of 11-year old girl 'Juanita' belonging to the ancient civilization 'Enka' of Peru was presented in the exhibition hall of the society. The mummy of the girl was visited by 85,000 people on the very first day. *-- In March 1998 Society announced during the excavation for the fossils of dinosaurs in the Liaoning area of China, fossils of winged dinosaurs 'Microraptor'were discovered. Due to this discovery great genetic advancement has been made between the links of dinosaurs and birds.

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