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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

British Colonies In The World At Present

*-- British Indian Ocean Territory:- British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) which is called "Chhagos" in local language is situated between Africa and Indonesia in Indian Ocean. Britain is ruling this Island since November 06, 1965, the island hass great importance from military point of veiw. Meanwhile the local people (Chagossians) were displaced from the island and Americans, British and people from other European countries got settled. The commissioner of the island is Peter Hayes who is accountable to Mark Simmonds. *-- British Virgin Island:- British Virgin Island's official name is Virgin Island. It is situated to the East of Portorico occupaid by the USA, in Carribean Sea. More than 40 smaller islands are part of it scattered around it. It has areaof 153 square kilometer.

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