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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Incapable Politicians Failed To Finalize The Name Of Caretaker PM

After three days long discussions and fruitless meetings, Pakistani politicians could not succeed in appointing caretaker prime minister. They do not trust each other nor the nominated names by the opponent members. Whenthey failed to solve a minor issue what they would not they have done to solve the problems of the nation. If theyt are so inilligible why they wasted three days and what is use of constituting a so called parliamentary committee. If election commission had to decide the name of cartaker PM why not presented the names to it earlier. Why did politicians keep the nation in suspense? If they cahn not trsudt each other nor they can resolve the national issues why they expect from the nation to bring thenmm back to the parliament? Why not the parliament have new faces, the honest faces, the capable people, the educated people, the patriotic people, why to elect dual citizens, why to select fake degree holders, why the defaulters should come to the parliament? The failure in finalizing the name of caretaker prime ministr is a blacl spot on their politics, in addition to many other dirty spots. This ponit has gone against them. They must think how they can mend it. They bmusdt apoologize from the nation.

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