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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What Happens In A Minute On Internet

If it took one minute to read this post, what would have happened in the Internet World with in this one minute.? According to the infograph of famous computer company Intel, what happens on internet in a minute that can happen in a day in real life. People send 204 million emails in 60 seconds, $ 83,000 online transations are done, 0.1 million tweets are sent in the world with in this short span of time. When all this is being done on one side, on other side six articles are published on Vikipaedia, on Google 2 million searches are done, six million comments are written on facebook, and 1.3 million videos are watched on Youtube. Similarly, 3,000 photos are uploaded on Flicker in a minute while 0.640 million GB data are uploaded on internet and this volume will get doubled by 2015.

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