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Monday, March 25, 2013

Slave States Of The Free World

The first decade of tweenty-first century has passed three years ago. The humen invented apparatuses have touched the surface of Mars, and human being has got access to thedeepest location under water, the marvellous journey of human progress continues, but there are some bitter facts that human thinking has paused on the spot of past dark age. The process of making the human beings slave has now contrated on colonizing different regions, areas and nations. Fererring to this situation there several regions where rulers themselves follow the foreign power or follow the policies of them, in their statews( Pakistan being the top most example of both of these conditions). In Pakistan rulers are the mental slaves of the USA and also follow the policies of pet institutions like World Bank and IMF in the field of economy and the orders of USA in Politics. Though in these slaves states elections are held, the rulers of these states inspite of claiming rule of law are bound to the orders of real rulers regarding the policies of economy and politics and not to compromize on these policies. Here are some of the slave and obedient states and the real rulers of these states.:- British Overseas Territories:- United Kingdom is the founder of colonialism in the world. Though at present colonialism nearly vanished, but Uk stll completely controls gegraphically and politically 15 regions. Majority of these regions comprise of islands where different nation are living having their specific cultures and social set up. The regions rued under the British patronage were called British Independent Territories before the British Oveseass Territories Act 2002. Though only three regions, Gornacy, Jersy and Isle of Main that are not the part of British government, all the government affairs including defense are the responsibility of British government. These three regions show themselves under the British Crown, symbolically.

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