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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Fruits Of So-Called Democracy--- Life-Long Previleges For Former Members On The Cost Of People's Sufferings

In Pakistan, a country of 180 million population, the ruling party has completed its five year tenure in the conditions that nation is in greater difficulties due to price hike 300 % rise in prices (e.g. electricity from Rs 2 to 13/unit and petrol from KPR 59 to Rs 103/liter during fie years), load shedding, issues of law and order, target killings, drone attacks and unlimited problems for the people, while during the last hours of their "Darkest Tenure" in Pakistan's history storm of transfers and promotion in the beauracracy was running on full speed and under the leadeship of PPP, the members of ANP, Functional League had been passing bills for life long huge packages of privileges for the members as they enjoyed during their tenure. What services they had done to the nation and people.? During PPP regime external volume of loans rose to PKR 15,000 billion, while it was PKR 7, 000 billion at the beggining of the PPP government, every Pakistani has loan of PKR 88,000, inspite of spending billions of rupees energy crisis could not besolved, National assembly held 50 session but none of them started on time and all were fruitless or passed the bills in the inttrest of PPP, 335 drone attacks were done by the consent of government that killed 4,000 innocent people, what to speak of daily killings in Karachi. Banks and several federal offices had been kept opened on Satureday, Why? Had any money left in the National Exchequer to be transferred to Swiss and American Banks? Nearly all the major political parties had been the part of government, MQM several times announced to quit the government but every time rejoined the the government. The PPP that has again announced it manifesto of Roti( bread), Kapra (Cloth) Makan (shelter) with new addition of providing education and employment. The laughable and shameful manifesto! PPP has snatched the dry bread from the mouth of the people, what ishas given during the past five years that it will give if regainerd power ( my My Allah Does not put us in Test again). May My Almighty Save Our Nation From Perople's party and give us honest and patriotic leadership.

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