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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Noise More Than 85 Decibel Can Cause Duffness

Today every third person in the world is suffering from depression, high blood pressure and duffness. The main cause of these diseases is the increasing noise pollution. The noise carries negative impacts like "slow poisoning" for our mental and physical capabilities. If we look around we can observe the sources of these noises. These are the noises of traffic, running machines in the factories, noise of planes near airports, noise of petrol pumps in the residential areas and the noise of railways near the railway station areas. The unit of measuring rise and fall in the noise id called decibel. In Pakistan noise pollution has increased manifold in terms of decibel. Specially during the office hours, school going times and at closing of schools and offices, so much noise of traffic is produced that one can not hear the voice of a person standing nearby. To minimize this pollution we can start from our own dmestic affairs like the voice of TV must nmot be too loud to be heard in the whole street but it should be enough to be heard by you only in the home. Silensors of motor cycle or vehicle should be repaired if older or repairable to produce minimum noise. House should br built away from the road or if unavoidable should be made sound proof. Minimum use of horn be done.

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