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Friday, January 31, 2014

The Founding Member Of SIS In Islam Zainah Anwar Tops The List Of Most Influential Muslim Women Of The World

Sister In Islam founding member and Sunday Star's columnist (+)Zainah Anwar has been listed as the most influential Muslim women by the San Francisco-based International Museum of Women (IMOW).
Also in the top 10 IMOW list is (+)Zarizana Aziz, a prominent figure in Women Living Under Muslim Lsws (WLUML). The two joined the list of women luminaries from around the world and from various fields in the IMOW's virtual exhibition, Muslima: Muslim Women's Arts and Voices, curated by (+)Samina Ali. The IMOW is an online museum that showcases art, stories and ideas to celebrate, inspire and advance the lives of women around the world. No matter what part of the world these women hail from, not one of these exceptional leaders is limited by her faith or gender. " Each uses her identity to overturn conventional roles and blaze an extraordinary path for herself," said Samina in US online news portal Huffington Post. Samina places Zainah first on her list for her role as an SIS founding member, commending her two decades of efforts in fighting discrimination against women. Samina quotes Zainah as saying, " The Muslim world needs a paradigm shift on how we treat and regard women." If we had been true to the message of Quran, we really should be at the forefront of feminist movement today. (+)Zarizana, a human rights lawyer and board chairman of WLUML, was placed seventh in the list. WLUML is an International solidarity network that provides information, support a collective space for women whose lives are shaped, conditioned or governed by laws and customs in Islam. Others on the list are Iranian lawyer (+)Dr Shirin Ebadi, the first prosecutor-general in Afghanistan Maria Bashir, Sudanese activist Fahima Hashim and Israeli artist (+)Laila Shawa.

Zuckerberg's Wealth Has Shot Up By More Than $ 3 Bn To $ 29. 7 Bn--- Wealth-X

Mark Zuckerberg is making Bill Gates and Google guys look like laggards. With Facebook's (FB+ 14.10 %), huge run-up Thursday Zuckerberg's wealh has shot up by $ 3 billion to $ 29.7 billion, according to Wealth-X. That is up from a net worth of $ 20 billion that he hit at Facebook's IPO in 2012. And his net worth has nearly tripled since those last days of Facebook's post-IPO depression, when Zuckerberg was down to his $ 10 billion. Sure, here are plenty of people who are richer than Zuckerberg Google (GOOG +2.57 %) guys, who are both worth than $ 30 billion. And Bill Gates and Larry Ellison are still the overlords of tech wealty with $ 75 billion and $ 42 billio, respectively, according to Mloomberg's Billionaires Index. But Zuckerberg may be the richest 29-year-old American ever-- even adjusted for inflation. It is not known exactly what Gates was worth, in 1984 when he was 29. But in March of 1986 when Microsoft (MSFT + 0.57 %), went public, Gate's shares had a public value of $234 million, not bad for a 30-year-old. As for Google guys, they were not Billionaire until 2004. Larry Page and Surgey Brin debuted on the Forbes list that year with $ 1 billion each. by that time both Page and Brin were 30. Of course, after the Google that same year, they soared well past $ 1 billion each.

MQM Chief's Life Is Under Threat--MQM

In a statement MQM's chief Altaf Hussain said conspiracies are being created against him on international level against him but he would never bow down to any power, though his life was threatened. He said he will sue BBC against documentary. Altaf Hussain said MQM had no concerned with the admission of two students who got admission in Britain's educational institutions. Adressing his party workers Altaf said if something happend to him, they should take his righteous message to people . Deputy convenor of MQM's coordination commiittte Maqbool Siddique in Karach said, BBC documentary is based on wrong information Altaf Hussain was not investigated for the murder of Dr Imran Farooq. He said MQM does know Attique Siddiqui who allegedly arranged for two person's Britain's visa. Altaf Hussain said my statement about money laundering has been removed in the documentary. On other side several MQM bank ccounts have been frozen and and Pakistan has been provided CCTV footage and Pakistani government is being pressurised for ivestigating against two persons.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Miss Puteri Indonesia 2014 Will Compete In Miss Universe 2014

Elvira Devinamira of East Java who was crowned as Miss Indonesia 2014 will also compete for Miss Universe 2014 contest. Elvira Devinamira was crowned by Putri Indonesia 2013 Wulandri Herman.
Miss Universe Maria Gabraeila from Venezuela also attended a grand final of the Miss Puteri Indonesia 2014 beauty contest in Jakarta.

Old Iraqi Dies 6 Months After Marrying 27 Years-old Girl

A 97-year-old Iraqi man who hit the headlines last year for marrying a young girl died six months died at his home in the Arab country nearly six months after his latest marriage. Musli Muhammamad Al Majmai triggered a controversy in Iraq and other countries when he wedded a girl who was 70 years younger to him. Two of his grand sons also wedded on the same day in their home province of Saladin north of Iraqi capital Baghdad in 2013. Newspaperssaid Al Majmai had 325 children, grand children and great grand children.

Adolf Hitler's e Book "Mein Kampf" Got Hit On Internet

Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler's book "Mein Kampf-- My Struggle" has been the most controvertial book in Germany. Its sale was banned for the last 70 years. Its sale in the book stalls is prohibited, but it is setting new records of sale on internet. There are some 17 websites on internet where it can be read free of cost in parts or in complete form. Its demand is increasing day by day. This book was published for the first time in 1925 in two volumes. Hitler has narrated his own political views along with the future plans for Germany in this book. The reason for the popularity of the book is that people all over the world hate Jews for its atrocities against Palestinians and appreciate the murder of Jews in Germany (Holocaust) because they cosider that Jews deserve this fate.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hong Kong Tycoon's Daughter In A Letter To Her Father Accepted She Was Lesbian

The daughter of a Hong Kong Tycoon has urged her father in an open letter to accept she is a lesbian. , after he offered millions to find her husband. Gigi Chao says Cecil Chao should "accept her partner and treat her like a dignified human being." Ms Chao, 33, who married her long-term partner Sean Eav in France in 2012, also emphasized, "There are plenty of good men, they are just not for me." Mr Chao reportedly offered to double his 2012 offer of $ 60 million. Hong Kong does not recognise same-sex union, although homosexuality was discriminalised in 1991. Mr Chao a property and shipping tycoon who himself has never married told the BBC last year that his daughter needed a 'good husband'. He said at the time his monetary offere for any man to woo his daughter had generated many replies from potential suitors. The letter by Ms Chao, a sicoalite and a businesswoman was published in Hong Kong's two newspapers. She addressed her father saying," As your daughter I would want nothing more than make you happy. But in terms of relationship, your exprectations of me and the reality who I am are not coherent. " She added " I am sorry to mislead you to think I was only in a lesbian relationship, because there was a shortage of good suitable men in Hong Kong. Ms Chao ended her letter by signing it "Patiently Yours".

I Will Not Work In Commercial Film Industry But Perform In Social And Religious Films--- Veena Malik

Pakistani actress Veena Malik has announced her retirement from commercial film industry, but said she she would continue to work in films with social and religious messages. But did not she km now that the era of Subeeha and Mussarrat Nazir has passed who acted in the films with full dress and did not act like the actresses of this age who does nothing except exposing their assets. No films are shot with social and religious messages these days and would she work with her husband in the films or pair with 'Namahram' men other than husband. Pakistani films are more open than than those Bollywood. It seems she can not stay away from film industry. Veena Malik made the announcement from Makkah after performing Umra that she would no longer act in films either in India or Pakistan. Veena said she would continue to engage in the aimed at welfare or social developments. She Tweeted," I did not have a changer of heart but I changed my profession." As far as the entertainment industry is concerned she will refrain from being part of any film here on. She might have to turn down the producers in India with whom she had had agreed to work. However, news from Pakistan hint that Veena will host a morning show with her husband on a Pakistani News Channel.

A Saudi Husband Divorced Wife For Trying To Look Like Kim Kardashian

A Saudi man divorced his local wife after she tried to imitate Kim Kardashian, thinking she would please her husband after noticing his admiration to the US actress. The woman from the souhern twon og Baha said she had changed her hairstyle and visited plastic surgery clinic in the Gulf Kingdom in a bid to look like Kardashian to make her husband more attracted to her. " I noticed that he admires Kim Kardashian so I decided to look like her and even more beautiful, " She told the Saudi Arabic language daily Sada. "i even tried to walk like Kim Kardashian in the hope my husband would be more attracted to me, but the results were not as I wished." She said he did not like what I had done and started to argue what I have done before he decided to divorce me and marry other woman."

Qaddafi Kept Teen Girls As Sex Slaves--BBC Documentary

A new BBC 4 documentary has come out with details of Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi allegedly torturing and raping hundreds of girls who were kept as sex slaves during his 42 reign in North african Nation. These revelations have come to light more than two years after dictator was captured and shot dead by a mob in October 2011 when his regime was defeated by uprising backed by NATO forces.
According to the Daily Mail, Qaddafi's sex slaves were virgin students from schools and colleges who were kidnapped on the behest of dictator and were confined to in his dens where he allegedly raped and sexually assaulted them. The report also said the girls were forced to watch pornography for 'education'. The expose, according to BBC 4 came from a woman who fled from one of the dictator's dens. The report also shows a room with gynecological equipment, where sex slaves were supposedly forced to undergo medical examination for STDs and later abortion. The report also said many of the girls
after being repeatedly raped and tortured were dumped in car parks and waste grounds where they died. The report quotes a survivor as saying that she was whisked away to the lair by Qaddafi's female bodyguards. She was then striped, shaved, forced to wear G-string and makeup and was pushed into the bed where Qaddafi was waiting. The documentary titled "Storyville" Mad Dog-- Qaddafi's secret World" is based on he interviews with insiders in Qaddafi's palaces and his victims.

Saudi Arabia Offers To Give Pakistan 0.25 Million Barrel Oil Daily Free For Agricultural Land

Government of Pakistan has been informed through a royal order that Saudi Arabia will stop growing wheat and other agricultural commodities in 2016 due to scarcity of irrigation water. Saudi Arabia wants from Pakistan 0.1 million agricultural land on land for 99 years for which it will give 0.25 million barrel oil daily to Pakistan. An official of Saudi Agricultural Investment Company had currently visited Pakistan in this regard. A private company has offered to brief prime minister and his cabinet on his issue. During the initial days of Musharraf government Saudi Arabia was offered to establish agricultural farm in Pakistan. While Yousuf Raza Gilani had also offered Saudi Arabia could import rice and other cereals from Pakistan or it can grow itself agricultural crops in Pakistan and could take the production to the kingdom if it wanted. However, he deal could not be finalized at that time. Saudi Arabia is importing agricultural commodities from other country at present. Now Saudi Arabia is considering Pakistan's previous offer seriously.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Woman Was Raped By More Than A Dozen People On The Orders Of Local Council In Indian Village

Subalpur is a village located about 180 kilometers north of Kolkata, a capital of Indian state of West Bengal. This tiny and remote village was a scene of an alleged horrific attack on a 20-year-old woman marking the latest in a string of high-profile rape cases in India that have sparked widespread outrage and made headlines across the world. According to a complaint filed with the police, a young woman from Santhal tribe was sexually assaulted on January 20 by dozen men on the orders of local village council. Her alleged crime was that she had entered into relationship with a man from different community and religion. " The Morol ( village headman) ordered that I be 'enjoyed' by the men of the village, Following his orders, 10-12 people including some members of single family raped me. I lost count how many times I was raped" the victim told the Indian news agency IANS. The issue of sexual violence in India has received widespread attention since the fatal gang rape a young medical student in a bus in capital New Delhi in December 2012.

Some Top Tips For Flat Belly Specially For Women

"Oh! I am so bloated" Women are often complaining of bloating, sluggish fullness and constipation. Here are some simple solution to help a slow moving GI tract. *-- Do Not Skip Meals, Pack your Snacks:- When we start eating, the very act of chewing kick starts our digestive juices, in the form of enzymes, into action. Digestive enzymes of responsible for digesting our food along the entire length of our digestive tract. When we skip a meal, these digestive enzymes are not produced in sufficient quantities which can then lead to poor digestion and trigger bloating. Besides, missing meals result in overeating later in the day when the stomach is even less active. Travel with snacks like piece of fruit to avoid going for long periods of time without eating. *-- Eat Small And Frequently:- Eating mini meals every three to four hours will keep you from getting hungry while also giving your stomach adequate time to empty in between meals. If you skip a meal and then approach your next meal feeling ravenous, you are likely to overeat which can then lead to feeling of fullness and bloating. You are also more inclined to eat rapidly to satisfy your hunger pains, which can make it more challenging to listen to your body's fullness and satiety messages. *-- Split Servings:- Eating little and often keeps you going and energized and prevents you from having to loosen your belt afterward. Eating is supposed to feel good, and exhausted! Try taking your usual meal and divide it into two servings a few hours apart. *-- Eat Out Early:- If you are going to eat out, make it lunch or brunch rather than dinner., especially carbohydrates. When you load up late at night, you are bound to wake up feeling all puffy-like in the morning. You spend the night retaining water and wake up feeling like a sponge. So if one of your meals is big, make it lunch then you have time to work it off. *-- Impose A Dinner Curfew:- Stomach contractility (one of the first stages of digestion) decreases markedly after dark. Avoid sleeping with a full stomach. Wait four hours after eating to exercise or lie down. This will ensure you are not jogging or sleeping with a full stomach. *-- Go For A Walk:- Some gentle exercise following meal will help to release trapped air in your GI tract. Consider a 10-minute stroll to a shop if you feel bloated after a meal, you should notice a difference! You do not have to go hitting the pavement

We Do Not Attack Religious And Public Places--- TTP

The spokesperson of Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan Shahid Ullah Shahid has said TTP is an ideological party and they do not believe in politics of deception. He said they never attack mosques, public places markets and religious sites but these are the activities of enemies of Islam. This is right ! we admit any person who has recited Kalma will never dis respect religious places, these are done by the agents of USA, India and Israel who are paid for all the killings. But why do you attack on security forces where there is fear of any innocent Muslim to be killed? But, gourilla war is also a sort of treachery why do not you fight openly? so that no other person may be killed? if you have the ambitions for Shahadat (martyrdom)? How could you answer to Allah on the day of Judgement when you list of killing innnocent people is so long? How could you you expect to enter into Janna )Paradise) if you kill a person who has no fault which is equal to the killing of humanity.?

Monday, January 27, 2014

Briteny Spears' Third Marriage

Britney Spears has sparked she married David Lucado. The "perfume" singer who ended her long-time relationship with her agent turned fiance Jason Trawick in January 2013. was spotted showing off a simple but elegant gold band on her left ring finger at her sons' soccer game in Los Angeles on Satureday January 25. The 32-year-old star who started dating legal researcher after being introduced by
mutual friends early last year and was instantly attracted to him. Britney was previously msarried to her sons' father Kevin Federline for three years until 2007, and was also briefly married to her childhood friend Jason Elexander for 55 hours after they exchanged vows in Las Angeles in January 2004 but their union was quickly annulled. The blonde beauty admitted last year that she hoped she would marry again in future and have more children.

Winners Of Grammy Awards 2014

The 2014 Grammy Awards did not disappoint when they aired live on Sunday Jan 26, from Staples Center in Los Angeles. Kicking off with a sexy performance " Drunk in Love" from Beyonce and Jay -Z, the show featured plenty of A-list performance and appearances from stars like Madonna, Mecklemore, Hunter Hayes and Ryan Lewis. The list of the winners is as follows:-
*-- Album Of The Year:- Sara Bareilles-- The blessed Unrest "Daft Punk-- Random Access Memories" Kendlick Lamar- Good Kid, M.A.A.D city Mecklemore and Ryan Lewis- The Heist Taylor Swift- Red *--Record Of The Year:- Daft Punk feat--- Get Lucky Lorde-- Royals Bruno Mars-- Locked out of Heavens *-- Song Of The Year:- lorde-- Royals *-- Best New Artist:- Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
*-- Best Pop Solo Performance:- Lorde-- Royals Katy Perry-- Roar *-- Best Pop Duo/ Group Performance:- Daft Punk feat, Pharrel Williams-- Get Lucky. *-- Best Pop Vocal Album:- Bruno Mars-- Unorthodox Jukebox. *-- Best Traditional Vocal Album:- Machael Buble-- To Be Loved
*-- Best Country Solo Performance:- Darius Ruckeru-- Wagon Wheel

Government Must Make The Environment Conducive For Talks-- Taliban

Te defunct Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan has said that government should make the environment conducive for talks. But it is not understandable what type of condicive environment they want? Do tey want that government should up its hands and stop the army to save the lives and properties of innocent people and the government's? Should army allow killing of innocent people, school going innocent childern, bomb blasts, target killing, damaging the government installations and give the Taliban the Taliban free hands to do what they want? If in military operations their women, childeren are killed who have no hands in bomb blasts then school going children, household wives, innocent women going to markets for buying vegetables or other edibles when men go to work, the innocent poor labourers getting out of homes for earning some money to feed their kids and family, the middle class people going to offices for work , are they involved in killing Taliban? Why these inoocent people are killed and targetted? When yiou do not have mercy for these people who have no concern in army operations or security forces figting with you, then why do you feel griefs if your family members are killed in security forces oerations? Due to your to your every day blsts in which more common people including women, children, labouress, clerks are killed, you are losing the sympathies of thoses religious minded people who if had any mercy for you. When you do not care for innocent Pakistanis why the heirs of killed people by yoou show their meies for your family members killed. If you want to fight against state, security forces, army anf government , go ahead kill all the parliamentarians, all the 0.7 million solders, destroy all the government insallarions but forgive innocent Pakistanis. Pakisnis are with their security forces, with courageous Pak army. We think you are not the persons who blast bombs in mosques, imam bargahs or other religious places, that are paid killers of USA, India and Israel but killing the people in markets, in the name of targetting military posts is done by you. Why you kill innocent Muslims? You people are not authorized by Allah and Quran to kill the sinners, He is Who will punish them on the Day of Judgement. . If you think you are doing "Jehad" please read Quran and study Sunnah about Jehad, you can only fight against those who are ready to fight with you who have arms in their hands but innocent unarmed people or women and children are not killed in real Jihad. Jehad is only necessary against Kafirs not against Muslims, against Kalmagu (Kalma readers), he who has read Kalma is Muslim, if sinner Allah can forgive his sins but He would not allow anyone else to kill Muslims, his creatures. Please think on it and reveiew your concept of Jehad, that is interpreted by you.

Musharraf's Heart Artillaries Are Clear

Medical reports of former president Parvez Musharraf received in the AFIC from foreign doctors hace declared Musharraf's heart artillaries clear. Sources ay there is no hinderance in the heart artillaries but former president is suffereing from severe mental pressure. The dicision about former president's angiography will be done today. American hospitals Meo and Kalivent are also consulted in this regard. Musharraf wants his angiography and further treatment outside Pakistan. He has been in thearmy hospital for the last 24 days. Doctors want to shift him to home but he wants to remain in the hospital for further few days. His home arrest case will be heard today.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Be Careful! Smart TV Can Spy On You

While watching favorite programs on the Smart TV installed on the wall of drawing room, can you imagine that someone is keeping an eye on your activities through this magic equipment from the distance of thousand miles. It will be unbelievable that an equipment that shows you the colorful , new , interesting and other programs of your choice in your bedroom or drawing room can spy on you, but it is a fact. Smart Tv is not only a TV but it can be taken as a computer as it can be linked to internet.You can make purchases through "shopping apps" from Amazon on Smart TV. You can watch You Tube, you can download films through 'net flex' Smart television can be connected to "iTune" you can converse with friends and relatives through it on Skype. The important point is that the Smart TV manufacturing companies are using this apparatus for spying on the users. They collect complete data of the users through the flat screen television. On the basis of this data the users' interests are monitored and ads are displayed according to the users intersts and watched programs. These companies are earning higher profites for unnecessary ads. Recently an It consultant and British citizen Jason revealed spying of the comapanies on costumers through Smart television.

A Mistake That Was Repeated For 100 Years In The Daily "New York Times"

The Daily "New York Times" is a most famous and trustworthy newspaper of the world.This paper is being published continuosly since September 18, 1851. People trust its credibility, news, articles and other material published in the newspaper. But you may not know that a mistake had continously being published on its front page for more than a century. This mistake was corrected on Ist january 2000. No body knows how the mistake got started but it is sure that this happened for the first time during the midnight of of 6th and 7th February 1898. Most of people would have noted while reading the newspaper that under the title and name of the paper is given volume and issue No of the paper. Volume indicates the year ofthe newspaper being published in. For example if it is written vol 6 and issue 120 under the tilte that means the sixth year of the published paper and the 120th issue of that year of the paper. Then at the beginning of the 7th year, it will be given as vol:7 and No: 1, however, in the Western newspapers the issue No 1 does not start but the No continues as such and linked with the previous year's nos.Now it can be thought that the person responsible for changing the Issue No in the office of New York Times showed negligence or carelessness at the mid night of 6th and 7th February, 1898 and stamped Issue no 15,000 on the paper of 7th Feb, while the No of the 6th Feb paper was 14,499. So, the difference of 500 happened in the issue of the paper. No body could notice the mistake rather blunder and this was repeated un-noticed for more than a century, the wrong issue no of the paper was being published. At last, in 1999, the News Editor of New York Times somehow detected the mistake and this was correted on January 01, 2000 alingwith publishing the explainatory note.

The Youngest Pakistani Student Included Among The 50 Most Intelligent People Of The World

According to Britain's daily "Telegraph" the youngest student of Pakistan Umar Anwar Jangir from Karachi has been included in the list of 50 most intelligent people of the world. He is of 21-years-old. he is also the youngest representative of World Economic Forum. He has also been included in the Forum's "Global Shapares". Meaning the people who the world a new shape. This group includes 50 the most intelligent people of the world. He is the first and youngest Pakistan who has been honored with this credit. Umar Anwar is a medical student.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pakistan Has Suspended Buses Carrying Shiite Pilgrims To Iran

Pakistan has suspended buses carrying Shi'ite pilgrims from travelling through its volatile Baluchistan province to neighboring Iran due to security concerns after a suicide attack that killed 27 27 pilgrims this week, officials said on Friday. A 700 kilometers (430) miles connecting the Pakistani city of Quetta and Iran, home to many Shi'ite pilgrimage sites, has seen dozens of suicides and roadside bomb attacks claimed by radical Sunni Islamist groups. "We have temporarily suspended the movement of buses on the highway until the security situation improves" said a senior official of provincial government. Sectarian attacks are on the rise in Pakistan where minority Shi'ite make 20 percent of 180 million population. Human Rights Watch says more than 400 Shi'ite were killed during 2013, including Shi'ite Hazara minority group. On Tuesday a suicide bomber drove his car into the bus killing 27 Shi'ite pilgrims prompting hundreds of Hazaras to take to streets to protest against the violence. "No place is safe for us. There is no alternate road. We have to travel through this 'bloody highway' each time we go on a pilgrimage", said one protester. Sunni militant group Lashkar e Jhanghvi claimed the responsibility for the latest attack.

Terrorists Have Changed Their Dresses And Form

Defunct terrorist groups have changed the responsibilities and positions of their 850 members in throughout the country including Punjab. Some other groups have transferred their members from one province to another. According to some sources the terrorists are engaged in selling fruits, vegetables and ground nuts on carts to keep an eye on the activities of security and government officials. Some have opened shops on busy corners and in streets and other important places. More than 300 members of these groups have changed their dresses and shape and have started such dresses that they had been forbidding others, earlier. To hide their identity they have started wearing pants, jeans and joggers. They are clean shaven now. They include 150 women who have thrown veils and left for to hit their target in modern wears. Many terrorists do not have mobile phones but they gather together at specifically fixed places exchange information and receive orders there. The sources further told that with the changing strategy of the government, terrorists have also changed their policies for achieving their targets. A meeting of the banned groups was held last day in Lower Dir where they marked their targets keeping the president,prime minister, chief ministers, governor houses, markets and other important installations with the help of maps, and sent their members to targets. Interior ministry has informed about the entry of the terrorists in Punjab.

Signs Of Brain Aging Are Linked To Omega-3 Intake

Older women with higher levels of Omega-3 in their blood had slightly less brain shrinkage than women with low fatty acids levels, in a new study. The results may suggest that Omega-3s protect the rain from loss of volume that happens with normal aging and is seen more severely in people with dementia, the researcher say. "The brain gets smaller during the normal aging process- about 0.5 percent per year after age 70, but dementia is associated with an accelerated and localized process of brain shrinkage," said James Potalla who led the study. Potalla and his colleagues analyzed data from Women's Health Initiative Memory Study to see whether Omega-3s were associated with brain shrinkage in general and in specific brain regions involved in memory and other cognitive processes. The data covered 1,111 women, who were on average, 70-years-old and had no signs of dementia at the beginning of the study. At that time, the amount of fatty acids eicosapentaenoic (EPA) and decosahexaenoic (DHA) in their red blood cells were measured. Red blood cells levels of Omega- 3s are good indicators of how much a person has consumed, the researchers say. Eight years after the women's blood was tested, they underwent MRIs to measure gray matter and white matter in their brains. The researchers found that the women with highest blood levels of EPA and DHA at the study's out set had brains that were two cubic centimeters larger overall than the women with lowest blood levels. Potalla says high Omega-3 blood levels can be achieved by dietary changes, such as eating oily fish twice a week or taking fish oil supplement.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Is Aishwarya Rai A Plastic Beauty?

Trust actor Imran Hashmi to call spade a spade and stir up the necessary storm in Karan Johar's chat show "Koffee with Karan". The "In Your Face" Hashmi, who speaks only when probed, maintained the controversial history of the show.
The latest promo of the show, shows Imran calling aamir Khan 'boring' and Aishwarya Rai 'plastic'. The actor who will soon be seen on the chat show with his unclle Mahesh Bhatt was brutally candid.
Not letting nephew Hashmi take all the limelight, Mahesh had his share verbal diarrhea.
Bhatt labeled Sanja Leela Bhansali as 'overrated' filmmaker and Kajol as an 'overrated actress' A leading daily when asked Mahesh Bhatt about the show, he replied, "does this nstion has no sense of humour?" Or is the nation awed by heir non-existent greatness? Kofffee with Karan is a lighthearted show on which you are asked frivolous questions which you are expected to answer honestly. People have an opinion about Emraan and me ditto for us. But all this is in the context of the show." "I hope our opinions are taken in the right spirit." If you are in a pub lic place, you should take these comments with a pinch of salt," he said. Aishwarya Rai is rumored to be having been under the knife several times. It is rumour that she had chin and jaw augmentation done. Several old and latest pictures show drastic differences in her nose shape. Besides cheek implants and lip augmentation it is also reported that Ash also got her teeth corrected.

A Series Of Selfies Raised Questions About Marital Harmony Between Obama And First Lady

A series of selfies by Barrack Obama some intentional some perhaps not (if possible) are raising questions about the marital harmony between US president and his wife Michelle Obama. US president Barrack Obama captured taking a selfie with Danish and British premiers Helle Thorning -Schmidt
and David Cameron. This is alleged that his one shows the beginning of First Lady's public display of dis-affection for her husband.
In the above picture Michelle Obama is with her husband and it a clear example of a picture that speaks 1,000 words.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Indian Diplomate Deevyani Receive Award for Courage

A social group of 'Dalits' (untouchables) awarded the Deevyani Khobradade former diplomate and deputy concilloin USA with courage award. According to Indian mdedia she was maltreated in New York during investigation against her. Addressing the funtion Deevyani said she did not do anything wrong in theUSA. It is worth mentioning that Deevyani belongs to the most hated and down trodden caste of 'Dalits' in India.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How Much World Stepped Ahead In The Fields Of Medical, Genetics And Cellular Science During 2013,

Efforts by scientists for searching treatments for the diseses attacking humans specially those being incurable have also been in full swing during the year 2013. Some progress was made in he regard. British scietists treated the blindness successfully, entering the light-sensitive cells into the body of mice. Though his method is still in testing phase but researcher hoped that by this method of treatment could be used on the blind persons having swelling of cornea. An international team of scientists have succeeded in developing such a beam of light that enables the cells to move on their own. According to the research team the applications of this discovery will come soon in the fields of microbiology and pharmacy. The scientists in Buleavia restored the mental disorder of mice that were suffering from strokes. This technique would help the patients of stroke. Scientists in California changed the older cells in mice into younger one resulting in strenthening the immune system of mice. This technique will be tested on human beings, if got successful this method will give the older people effective immunity against diseases. American's National Insitute for Health under "human Connectome Projrct" has issued detailed cans of human brain and this was the first chance human brain's detailed scans
came to light. With these detailed scans neuroscietists would be able to study and understand the complexities of brain that would help the to know causes of mental disoders. During the first kind of a surgery the medical specialists changed the 75 % of the psart of brain of an injured patient with 3-D printed polymer implant.It paved way for changing the damaged bones with required implants in future. A new technique has also been discovered that has eased the identification of protein in malignated cells.

Maulana Sami Ul Haq Retreats From Talks With Taliban

Maulana Sami ul Haq, te head of his own faction of Jameet e Ulemai Islam (JUI-S) announced on Wednesdat that he was distancing himself from the proposed talks with defunct Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan. Maulana, who perceived to have influence on Taliban leadership, had earlier this month offered his services to initiate dialogue process with Taliban. But a series of attacks by Taliban in recent days prompted armed forces to take retaliatory action in North Wziristan in which 40 terrorists have been killed including key commondars of Taliban. Sami ul Haq said he deided to take back his offer in the wake of action takenn by armed forces in the tribal areas. He said he had initiated background talks with Taliban from Jan 1 and he had also sent a message to prime minister in his regard. But, he said he did not receice any go-ahead signal from the government.

Jennifer Grout Confirms Reverting To Islam

Though denying her earlier video claiming her reversion to Islam, US singer Jennifer Grout has confirmed the news, adding that she has started praying, learn Qura'an and pay Zakat. "Actually the video that everyone has seen is a part of the Morooccan film I made before my performance aired on " Arabs Got Talent", Grout told Gulf News on Tuesday January 21. "And originally I was upset and mostly scared, that it ended up on the internet.
Because I had not even gotton chance to tell my family and the closest friends about Islam before there were heaelines everywhere saying I had converted. "However that is now out there, may be it is a positive thing-I am not ashamed of what I believe in" she added in an email interview. Grout is an American singer who fascinate the Arab World after reaching the final three of the competition "Arabs Got Talent". ERarlier this month a video had been posted on the You Tube showing her making the Shahaza declaration of faith. She said "I say Shahada from my heart and I have recently stsarted performing five daily prayers." She also pland to fast during he month of Ramazan later this year and also trying to be more generous to practice zakat.