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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunandra Pushkar's Death Was Sudden And Suspicious---- Doctors

The post-martem of dead wide of Indian resourcesminister Shashi Tharor's has been completed, according to preminary report her death was sudden and un-natural. Three -member panel of doctors conducted her dead body's post-martem in New Delhi hospital. The reasons of hurting signs on her body could not be revealed yet doctors say and the final report of the post-martem will be released after a few days. However, doctors said no symptoms of poisoning were detected.
On other side doctor discharged Shashi Tharor from AIMS and sent him home, after the deth of his wife. Police has sealed the room of the hotel she was staying in and is investigating the hotel employees. Police also susprcts her death to be suicide. Pakistani female journalist has sought Shashi's opinion about her article, Shashi did comment on her article but wrote some other things in his email reply.
It seemed that he was wrting all these things to some one else but mistakenly were sent to Mehr. The exchange of emails between Mehr and Shashi revealed that Minister loved Sunandra very much. Mehr wrote to Shashi that misunderstanding takes place when couple do not discuss and talk about the issues, she thought that everything will be alright between the. Shashi wrote he was busy in taking care of her wife who was under severe pressure and his first prefrence was to look after her and if he could not send email or call Mehr she should not mind it. Mehr prayed for her contention and prayed for their pleasant married life. Talking to a private TV channel Mehr said what happened between Shashi and his wife she did not know. She said a woman fought with her on social website and she died the next day. She said after this incident my family is under severe mental pressure and shock.Indian media is presenting me as as an agent of ISI. "Indian media did not contact me and they are terming it the issue of the two countries not the individuals." Mehr said. Mehr Tarar took birth on March 02, 1968 in Lahore.She had been working in an English newspaper and now a days she writes a column titled "My Corner" She graduated from West Virginia University Morgan Town, USA in journalism. She has 13-year-old son and is separeted from her husband who is a businessman in Bahrain.

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