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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Terrorists Have Changed Their Dresses And Form

Defunct terrorist groups have changed the responsibilities and positions of their 850 members in throughout the country including Punjab. Some other groups have transferred their members from one province to another. According to some sources the terrorists are engaged in selling fruits, vegetables and ground nuts on carts to keep an eye on the activities of security and government officials. Some have opened shops on busy corners and in streets and other important places. More than 300 members of these groups have changed their dresses and shape and have started such dresses that they had been forbidding others, earlier. To hide their identity they have started wearing pants, jeans and joggers. They are clean shaven now. They include 150 women who have thrown veils and left for to hit their target in modern wears. Many terrorists do not have mobile phones but they gather together at specifically fixed places exchange information and receive orders there. The sources further told that with the changing strategy of the government, terrorists have also changed their policies for achieving their targets. A meeting of the banned groups was held last day in Lower Dir where they marked their targets keeping the president,prime minister, chief ministers, governor houses, markets and other important installations with the help of maps, and sent their members to targets. Interior ministry has informed about the entry of the terrorists in Punjab.

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