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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Saudi Arabia Offers To Give Pakistan 0.25 Million Barrel Oil Daily Free For Agricultural Land

Government of Pakistan has been informed through a royal order that Saudi Arabia will stop growing wheat and other agricultural commodities in 2016 due to scarcity of irrigation water. Saudi Arabia wants from Pakistan 0.1 million agricultural land on land for 99 years for which it will give 0.25 million barrel oil daily to Pakistan. An official of Saudi Agricultural Investment Company had currently visited Pakistan in this regard. A private company has offered to brief prime minister and his cabinet on his issue. During the initial days of Musharraf government Saudi Arabia was offered to establish agricultural farm in Pakistan. While Yousuf Raza Gilani had also offered Saudi Arabia could import rice and other cereals from Pakistan or it can grow itself agricultural crops in Pakistan and could take the production to the kingdom if it wanted. However, he deal could not be finalized at that time. Saudi Arabia is importing agricultural commodities from other country at present. Now Saudi Arabia is considering Pakistan's previous offer seriously.

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