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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How Much The World Stepped Ahead In The Scietific Field During 2013-1

Human society and science are linked to each other. In fact, science is the key to the development of the society. The prgress made in scietific fields affect directly or indirectly each walk of life. Due to the the new developments, inventions and discoveries science is progressing and rising on the stairs of developments. Similarly, these discoveries leave long lasting impacts on the society. Let us look at the progress of science and technology during the year2013:- *-- Space Techonolgy And Astronomy:- Human beings have always been intersted in unfolding the secrets of the universe specially those of planets, stars, nebulae and galaxies. Withthe advent of new era of modern, sophisticated and latest equipments and technologies, unfolding the secrets of the universe and discovering new facts about planets have enhanced. The experts have discovered several new planets in the galaxy during 2013. Actually, scientists are searching for a planet with similar environment as that of earth that could have the possibility of life. Experts linked to Kepler Space Reserch announced in 2013 the discovery of Ko1-172.01 planet that is revolving around a star out of solar system. This planet is similar to earth in physical properties. An important thing is that its distance from its own sun is the same as our earth has from sun. Experts expect the possibility of life on the planet. The experts in the Hernferdshire University have also claimed to discover three planets similar to earth that are revolving around one sun. American astronomers at MaCdonald Space Research laboratory in Texas announced that they have searched seven planets out of solar system through modern equipments. American Space Agency NASA also claimed to discover Kepler-62f, Kepler-62 e and Kepler 69 c. NASA experts say that the data about these planets show that water is possible to exist being similar to earth. NASA also announced to serch a starlet equal the siza of earth's moon. American experts also found a new thickly populated galaxy which is at the distance of four light years from earth and has 10,000 starlets. Experts also discovered two more moons of Plotu which are named Styx and Kerberos and now plotu has five moons. Similarly the telescope present within the orbit of earth has found the 14th moon of the farthest star of solar system Neptune. Last year the NASA's Space Reseasrch plane Cassini present in the orbit of another planet sent photographs of earth and moon. This was the third time that earth photo was caught from the orbit of another star.Expert got successful for the first time to measure the speed of revolution supermassive black hole by means of NuSTAR Satellite. The speed was nearly equal tothe speed of light. Scientists also discovered third radiation belt around the earth. Scietists were fearing that 99942 Apophis planet will colide with earth in 2036 but observations collected last year revealed that this starlet will pass without colliding with the earth from a away. The planet scientists believe could have signs of life is MARS. Several satellites of NASA on MARS and in orbit are active among which is Curiosity. Scientists found some such observarvation that indicate that environment was favourable for cellular life sometimes befor on MARS. Curiosity discovered oxygen, water, corbon dioxide, siphure dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, chloromethane and dichlromethane like elements in the soii of MARS. During 2013 several space missions were lauched from earth. To conduct research of the enironment around moon last year NASA sent Space Craft named "The Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE). Last year Iran sent mon key in the space that landed back safely on earth. This effort of Iran is being taken as sending mission copnsisting austronauts in future. Last year American rival North Korea also launched a satellite in the space. The Japanese Space Agency " Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency" (JAXA) also sent a rocket namely Epsilon to the earth orbit that was an imortant step toward the use of smaller sized and cheaper launch vehicular.Last year India sent a Space Craft "Sanglian" toward MARS which opened a new chapater in India's Space technology. China also did not lag behind in the race of launching space crafts and got landed its Chang'e -3 successfully on moon and became the third country after the USA and Russia to land on moon. European Space Agency conveyed space telescope 'Gale' in the orbit of earth to explore the depth and width of the universe.

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