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Friday, January 3, 2014

Dialogue Process Through Jameet e Ulamai Islam (Sami) With Taliban Initiated

The three-member delegation of JUI(S) led by Maulana Hamid ul Haq reached to Wana (South Waziristan) and met with the vice Amir of TTP Sheikh Khalid Haqqani and Amir of TTp Waziristan Khalid Sajna, separetely. They message of prime minister to the leaders of banned TTP. On the occasion, the amirs of Taliban requested two weeks for consultation with heir high commond. The HUI(S) delegation will go to North Waziristan to meet leader of local taliban Hafiz Amir Gul, local Taliban commonder Sadoq Noor, local Taliban groups, religious leders and tribal notables and will take them into confidence. Maulana Sami Ul Haq confirmed the contacts with Taliban and said we do not want to talk to Taliban through media but will make real dialogue. He said positive progress is expected in the dialogue and when the process of talks is completedwe will inform media ourselves.

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