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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Aitezaz Hassan Will Be Honored With Medal Of Bravery (Sitar e Shujaat)

On the cold day of January 15, Aitzaz Hassan, 15, a 9th grade student wasto enter his scholl in Ibrahimzai area, a Shiite dominated locality of Hangu district located nearly 70 kilometer northeast of Peshawar, when he spotted a young boy approaching the school gate in a suspicious way. Mustafa Shah, a student of the school and a friend of Aitzaz Hassan said, "we all saw Aitzaz yelling at the suicide bomber and rushing towars him. We all shouted and asked Aitzaz to come back but he did not listen to us." According to Mutafa the suicide bomber was about to enter the scholl, where some 2000 students were there, when he was tackled by Aitzaz. "The suicide bomber got puzzled when he saw a boy rushing towards him. As soon as Aitzaz grabbed the suicide bomber, he got rid of Aitzaz's grip and starte running towrrds the school gate." Mutafa recalled. Aitzaz did not give up, ran after the suicide bomber who after finding no other choice blew himself up, he added. "I saw Aitzaz lying on the ground with his lower portion of body soaked in blood. His face remained unhurt", he maintained. Pakistan government has decided to honour its brave son, with medal of bravery (Sitar e Shujaat) for saving hundreds of lives while tackling the suicide bombers. Prime minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has sent advice to the president for official approval in this regard.

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