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Friday, January 3, 2014

Bilawal Zardari Needs A Lot Of Training Before Talking Or Addressing The Public Gatherings

Bilwal Zardari still talks like children, in blaming others he forgets the attiquetes and manners that he would have leasrnt in the western society. He has not only attacked personally Musharraf but declareed whole army as coward. Is there any doubt that Psarvez Musharraf had been the Army Chief of a most brave and courageous army of the world. Were all the generals in Pak army coward who obeyed him as chied of army staff. He has practically participated in wars and got injured. He has been coomondos. a soldier of Pakistan army can not be a coward like Pakistani politicians who when are not in power flee to Dubai or London. They do not treturn to Pakistan with out signing NRO accord. How many politicians are there outside Pakistan and controlloing their parties by remote control. The politician-turned general has proved that he is the soldier of a respectable bold army who unlike other politicians returned to Pakistan to face baseless cases against him. From Late Muhammad Ayub Khan to Zia ul Haq who was charged with cases of tresason. Why the case was not filed against the general and the politician who were responsible for breaking Pakistan into two parts. Can Altaf Hussain come to Pakistan to face cases? This was Parvez Musharraf who returned back and is courageously facing the charges. The sickness is from Allah, but Parvez Musharraf will never flee. He is sldier and Pakistani soldier in battle never retreats never shows back but takes bullets of enemies on chesty nit on back. Pakistan army is one of the most trained, capable and best army in the world and Musharraf has been its chief of the most courageuous Atmed Firces. .

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