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Friday, January 31, 2014

Zuckerberg's Wealth Has Shot Up By More Than $ 3 Bn To $ 29. 7 Bn--- Wealth-X

Mark Zuckerberg is making Bill Gates and Google guys look like laggards. With Facebook's (FB+ 14.10 %), huge run-up Thursday Zuckerberg's wealh has shot up by $ 3 billion to $ 29.7 billion, according to Wealth-X. That is up from a net worth of $ 20 billion that he hit at Facebook's IPO in 2012. And his net worth has nearly tripled since those last days of Facebook's post-IPO depression, when Zuckerberg was down to his $ 10 billion. Sure, here are plenty of people who are richer than Zuckerberg Google (GOOG +2.57 %) guys, who are both worth than $ 30 billion. And Bill Gates and Larry Ellison are still the overlords of tech wealty with $ 75 billion and $ 42 billio, respectively, according to Mloomberg's Billionaires Index. But Zuckerberg may be the richest 29-year-old American ever-- even adjusted for inflation. It is not known exactly what Gates was worth, in 1984 when he was 29. But in March of 1986 when Microsoft (MSFT + 0.57 %), went public, Gate's shares had a public value of $234 million, not bad for a 30-year-old. As for Google guys, they were not Billionaire until 2004. Larry Page and Surgey Brin debuted on the Forbes list that year with $ 1 billion each. by that time both Page and Brin were 30. Of course, after the Google that same year, they soared well past $ 1 billion each.

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