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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Some Funniest Badly-- Translated Ads

When it comes to advertising, we have come a long way baby. All these marketting slogans and brand names were perfectly fine--in English. However, once they were yranslated into other languages, they took on hilarious new meanings. Here are some:-- *-- KFC:-
When American Fast Food giant Kentucky Fried Chicken opened their first restaurant in Beijing in 1987, they accidently translated KFC's famous slogan "Finger- lickin' good" to "We will eat your fingers off" in Chinese. *Coors:- US beer-making giant apparently thought their slogan, "Turn It Loose"! would translate to Spanish just fine, Unfitunately, "Turn It Loose", came out "Suffer From Diarrhea" instead. if you have ever had Coors, this
slogan is not too far off the mark. *-- Calirol:-- In 2006, a hair care company Claiol introduced a curling hair iron called 'Mist Stick' which did very well
in US markets. When the company marketed the product in Germany, however, they failed to realize the Mist means "Manure" in German. Oddly, the "Manure Stick" did not sell well in Germany. *-- Milk:- The american Dairy Association was so successful withy its "Got MIlk" compaign that they decided to extend
the ads to Mexico. Unfotunately, the Spanish translation is "Are You Lactating". *--Pepsi:- Pepsi's slogan "We Bring You Back To Life", causee a bit of panic in China, where they read it as , " We bring your ancestors back from the grave." *-- Puffs:- Puffs brand tissues are very popular in the USA,. however, their quest for global marketing ran into a few snags due to their names. In Germany 'Puff' is a cooloquial term for 'Warehouse". In England a sililar word 'Pouf' is an offensive term for 'Homosexual'.

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