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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How Much World Stepped Ahead In The Fields Of Medical, Genetics And Cellular Science During 2013,

Efforts by scientists for searching treatments for the diseses attacking humans specially those being incurable have also been in full swing during the year 2013. Some progress was made in he regard. British scietists treated the blindness successfully, entering the light-sensitive cells into the body of mice. Though his method is still in testing phase but researcher hoped that by this method of treatment could be used on the blind persons having swelling of cornea. An international team of scientists have succeeded in developing such a beam of light that enables the cells to move on their own. According to the research team the applications of this discovery will come soon in the fields of microbiology and pharmacy. The scientists in Buleavia restored the mental disorder of mice that were suffering from strokes. This technique would help the patients of stroke. Scientists in California changed the older cells in mice into younger one resulting in strenthening the immune system of mice. This technique will be tested on human beings, if got successful this method will give the older people effective immunity against diseases. American's National Insitute for Health under "human Connectome Projrct" has issued detailed cans of human brain and this was the first chance human brain's detailed scans
came to light. With these detailed scans neuroscietists would be able to study and understand the complexities of brain that would help the to know causes of mental disoders. During the first kind of a surgery the medical specialists changed the 75 % of the psart of brain of an injured patient with 3-D printed polymer implant.It paved way for changing the damaged bones with required implants in future. A new technique has also been discovered that has eased the identification of protein in malignated cells.

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