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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Life Threats To Family Forced Tariq Malik To Resign

Threatening telephone call to his daughter forced Taqriq malik Chairman NADRA to resign. Earlier, declaring a constituency of Faisalabad as suspicious , election tribunal had ordered NADRA to check the thumb impressions of the voters in the constuency. After this order, the threatening calls to Tariq Malik started. After this Tariq Malik was left with two options either he should resign to save the lives of his family members or fight lonely against the people responsible for poll rigging because opposition parties, judiciary, media kept completely silent on the issue. No one was with him in this fight. Discharging Taqriq Malik from service in the midnight was the part of all the affairs of harrassing him to stop the checking of thumb impressions in the constituency of Lahore. In the chamber of speaker national assembly "Auditors' held va meeting to teach Malik a lesson. Tariq Malik was forced to resign at the time when NADRA has earned 17.5 million dollar contacts. Recently NADRA had won a bid of 5.5 million dollars in Sri Lanka after defeating India in the bid. According to RauF Klasra of Dunya News, secretary interior ministry Shahid Ali Khan, four DMG officers in the PM House and DG FIA Saud Mirza had helped the government in getting rid of Malik through harrassing him. Sources claimed that ISI told Tariq Malik that his daughter received treatening calls from Faisalabad. Due to delay in the decision from the court Interior Ministry got the chance to prepared his subordinate staff against Malik and to threat his family through telephonoc calls. Inspite of Tariq's repeated requests he was not provided with any security. Since the present government took over not a single day did interior minister had a visit of NADRa nor he took any briefing from the chairman, rather he held a news conference for two hours against him. all this story starte since Tariq Malik got stay order from the court. Though he handed over four phone numbers to interior ministry from where he received threatening calls but no action was taken against the culprits. Interior ministry had started another drama of lifting his subordinate staff for briefing and issueing directions, ignoring chairman to insult him and to force him to resign. The help of all the secret agencies was sought to kick him out of the NADRa that, the poor man did to save the lives of his family members..h

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