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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Muslims Around The World Made Their Mark In Many Positive Ways In 2013

From arts and culture to Bobel Peace Prize to gender equality to legal victories, Muslims around the world made their mark in many positive ways during 2013. For every time Muslims collectively cringled (Like with the Boston Marathon bombing), they also celebrated (like
when Malala Yousufzai was nominated for Noblel Peace Prize). Indeed it was a year to own our own stories and revel in the all the good things happening and the healthy debates that ensued. 1.*-- Malala Yousufzai Nominated For Noble Peace Prize: Sixteen-year-old student/blogger was not the first girl to injured in trying to stand up for her right to be educated, but with the help of her social-mediasavvy peers, Malala beacame the most famous teenager girl in the world during 2013. Time Magazine enlistede her amomg the 100 most influential people in the world. UN declared her 16th birthday as "Malala Day". 2.*-- First Muslim Fratenity Enters US Campus Life:- What could be more Americans than frsaternity life? Brotherhood, teamwork, public service and having fun during your college years. For many young American men, itis an indispensible part of growing up. @013 saw the emergence of Alpha Lamda Mu/Alif Laam Meem, the first fratenity organised around Islamic priciples. The first chapter is st the Univrsity of Texas at Dallas, butseveral other campuses have expressed interest in cfreating their own chapters. 3.*-- Hijab Victory Against Abercrombie and Fitch:- Clothing retailer Abercombie and Hitch took a hit in 2013 when it lost a lawsuit filed by former employee Hani Khan, who was fired on the job after four months in 2010 for wearing hijab. Khan, who was first allowed to wear the hijab as long as it coordinsated with the company's uniform, was later fired for wearing it when district manager said it violated the company's 'look policy". 4.*-- Yousuf Islam Inducted Into Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame:-- Yusuf aslam/Ccat Steven, who has just been inductd into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, has now pofficially come full circle. After leaving the world of music at the top of his career upon embracing Islam in 1970's, Yusuf live a quit life of philanthropy, strting an Islamic school in London, and working on promoting global peace, he earned several awards in the process. 5.*-- Kamala Khan is Ms Marvel:-- 2013 saw the introduction of latest comic book Superhero, Kamala Khan, bringing comic book fans everywhere into whole new exciting world. Kamala, Marvel Comic's book newest superhero, is a part of growing effort to fill the void of female superhero series while " diversifying its offsprings" as reporteed by the new York Times. Dubbee Ms Marvel, Kamala was born from conversation betwen marvel Editors Sana amanat and Steve WEacker, who brought award-winning author (and Muslim covert) G Willow Wilson to cresat a new kind of superhero mythos. 6.*-- First Muslim Regent Selected For The University Of California:-- With nearly a quarter-million students, the 10-campus University of Califirnia is widely regsrded as one of the top public univrsity systems in the world. It is governed by a Board
of Regents, who is ultimsately responsible for all academic and financial mstters. And this yar a Muslim student Sadia Saifuddin joined their ranks. Despite being the frontrunner in an extremely cometetive selection process to be student representative on the board, Sadia faced outside pressure to deny spot based on her political views (She worked on Israel divestment activities on behsalf of a campus advocacy group called Middle Eastern Muslim South Asian Coalition). Courtsy (

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