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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Miley Cyrus Closed Out 2013 With Last Memorable Performance

Miley Cyrus closed out 2013 with last memorable performance from Times Square Tuesday night and managed to stay mostly clothed during the process. With temperature in New York city well below freezing and Cyrus tweeting about battling a bad "cough/cold" beforehand, she was up against it. "If I can just get thru tonight I can have nice lil break" she wrote prior to the show but like any pro's pro, she put on her gold crop top and went to work. Miley Cyrus' performance on New Year Rockin' Eve, which took place about 20 minutes before midnight on ABC, began with an attempt to "#GetItRight". Her vocals on that hashtrack sounded a bit pitchy, but fan briefly got to see her grind on a backup dancer half her height, so there is that. Then "Wrcking Ball" came through ane she owned the stage. As she broke down the proverbial walls of the crowd one of the biggest songs of 2013 became giant sing-along with fans who know by heart by now. The 21-year-old singer quipped to host Ryan Seacrest that her shimmering gold outfit and fur coat marked " The most clothes I have been in in 2013".

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