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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Qaddafi Kept Teen Girls As Sex Slaves--BBC Documentary

A new BBC 4 documentary has come out with details of Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi allegedly torturing and raping hundreds of girls who were kept as sex slaves during his 42 reign in North african Nation. These revelations have come to light more than two years after dictator was captured and shot dead by a mob in October 2011 when his regime was defeated by uprising backed by NATO forces.
According to the Daily Mail, Qaddafi's sex slaves were virgin students from schools and colleges who were kidnapped on the behest of dictator and were confined to in his dens where he allegedly raped and sexually assaulted them. The report also said the girls were forced to watch pornography for 'education'. The expose, according to BBC 4 came from a woman who fled from one of the dictator's dens. The report also shows a room with gynecological equipment, where sex slaves were supposedly forced to undergo medical examination for STDs and later abortion. The report also said many of the girls
after being repeatedly raped and tortured were dumped in car parks and waste grounds where they died. The report quotes a survivor as saying that she was whisked away to the lair by Qaddafi's female bodyguards. She was then striped, shaved, forced to wear G-string and makeup and was pushed into the bed where Qaddafi was waiting. The documentary titled "Storyville" Mad Dog-- Qaddafi's secret World" is based on he interviews with insiders in Qaddafi's palaces and his victims.

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