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Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Mistake That Was Repeated For 100 Years In The Daily "New York Times"

The Daily "New York Times" is a most famous and trustworthy newspaper of the world.This paper is being published continuosly since September 18, 1851. People trust its credibility, news, articles and other material published in the newspaper. But you may not know that a mistake had continously being published on its front page for more than a century. This mistake was corrected on Ist january 2000. No body knows how the mistake got started but it is sure that this happened for the first time during the midnight of of 6th and 7th February 1898. Most of people would have noted while reading the newspaper that under the title and name of the paper is given volume and issue No of the paper. Volume indicates the year ofthe newspaper being published in. For example if it is written vol 6 and issue 120 under the tilte that means the sixth year of the published paper and the 120th issue of that year of the paper. Then at the beginning of the 7th year, it will be given as vol:7 and No: 1, however, in the Western newspapers the issue No 1 does not start but the No continues as such and linked with the previous year's nos.Now it can be thought that the person responsible for changing the Issue No in the office of New York Times showed negligence or carelessness at the mid night of 6th and 7th February, 1898 and stamped Issue no 15,000 on the paper of 7th Feb, while the No of the 6th Feb paper was 14,499. So, the difference of 500 happened in the issue of the paper. No body could notice the mistake rather blunder and this was repeated un-noticed for more than a century, the wrong issue no of the paper was being published. At last, in 1999, the News Editor of New York Times somehow detected the mistake and this was correted on January 01, 2000 alingwith publishing the explainatory note.

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