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Monday, January 20, 2014

Floods And Other Natural Calamitities In UK Are Due To Marriages Of Homosexuals

The Councillor David Silvestor of UK Independendence party has said the curent floods and storms in Uk are only due to legalizing the marriages of homosexuals (These are words of a non-muslim but Muslims are of the opinion and it is more than hundred percent true). He said prome minister violated the sacred saying of Bible.
A letter written to a local newspaper David Silvester said he had warned David Cameron that due to thisecision UK could face natural calamities. However, earlier his party had said tht was not the stance of the psarty but David has free to give his personal opinion. David Silvester is councillor from the area of Oxford city. He had left the Conservative party after the support of David Cameron for the marriage of gays. It was said further in the lettter that petition of more than 60,000 Christians and opposition of more than half of the members of Conservative party David Cameron had got this bill approved. He said this ws a great blunder of prime minister that resuloted in floods in a vast area of UK.

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