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Monday, January 6, 2014

Veena Malik Has Closed Her Old Twitter Account Due To Posting Of Her Nude Pics By Prashant

Veena Mali has said that her Twitter accounts has been hacked anf her followers and fans can follow her on her new Twitter account "I Veena Khan". According to media reports her former Indian digital manager Prashant has posted her nude pictures with Veena Malik on Twitter, Face book and all other social websites. Therfire, Veena Malik closed that account. Veena said in an interview wity a privaste TV chnnel that Prashant was her diogital manager and was working for Rs ten thousand and he had brother sister relations. On other side she said Peashant is "Sexually Weak" and if he loves her how can I love a man without sex. (How does she know that he is weak sexually?? She is said he is doing all this for cheap fame. Veena no way to escape? Prashant is right or wrong but you yourself opened the secret about your relstions with him.

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