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Monday, January 27, 2014

Government Must Make The Environment Conducive For Talks-- Taliban

Te defunct Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan has said that government should make the environment conducive for talks. But it is not understandable what type of condicive environment they want? Do tey want that government should up its hands and stop the army to save the lives and properties of innocent people and the government's? Should army allow killing of innocent people, school going innocent childern, bomb blasts, target killing, damaging the government installations and give the Taliban the Taliban free hands to do what they want? If in military operations their women, childeren are killed who have no hands in bomb blasts then school going children, household wives, innocent women going to markets for buying vegetables or other edibles when men go to work, the innocent poor labourers getting out of homes for earning some money to feed their kids and family, the middle class people going to offices for work , are they involved in killing Taliban? Why these inoocent people are killed and targetted? When yiou do not have mercy for these people who have no concern in army operations or security forces figting with you, then why do you feel griefs if your family members are killed in security forces oerations? Due to your to your every day blsts in which more common people including women, children, labouress, clerks are killed, you are losing the sympathies of thoses religious minded people who if had any mercy for you. When you do not care for innocent Pakistanis why the heirs of killed people by yoou show their meies for your family members killed. If you want to fight against state, security forces, army anf government , go ahead kill all the parliamentarians, all the 0.7 million solders, destroy all the government insallarions but forgive innocent Pakistanis. Pakisnis are with their security forces, with courageous Pak army. We think you are not the persons who blast bombs in mosques, imam bargahs or other religious places, that are paid killers of USA, India and Israel but killing the people in markets, in the name of targetting military posts is done by you. Why you kill innocent Muslims? You people are not authorized by Allah and Quran to kill the sinners, He is Who will punish them on the Day of Judgement. . If you think you are doing "Jehad" please read Quran and study Sunnah about Jehad, you can only fight against those who are ready to fight with you who have arms in their hands but innocent unarmed people or women and children are not killed in real Jihad. Jehad is only necessary against Kafirs not against Muslims, against Kalmagu (Kalma readers), he who has read Kalma is Muslim, if sinner Allah can forgive his sins but He would not allow anyone else to kill Muslims, his creatures. Please think on it and reveiew your concept of Jehad, that is interpreted by you.

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