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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Some Cases Of Inappropriate Cleavage-2

*-- Hillary's Hint Of Cleavage:-- In July 2007, Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) was speaking live on the senate floor when when people noticed something different about her. For years Clinton had been in the public eyes, and she seldom deviated from her ultra-conservative paint-suits and chsaste evening gowns. Yet here she stood wearing a V-necked tank top
under a pink blazer... and showing just a glimpse of vleavage. Though hardly scandalous, this peek of Clinton's feminine assets was as well-noted as it was fleeting, she has never displayed even a hint of cleavage in the senate since. *-- Baring All For Beer:-- Every year the Soulard Oktoberfest St Lious MO, drawas hunders of revelers who come for German music, game, food and beer. In 2010, the organisers ran into some trouble, however: their photos of four well-endowed Frauleines toting beer steins were deemed too scandalous for billboards and bus stops. The photos had previously been approved by metero advertising company, until a "nameless, faceless bureaucrate" interfered
and put the kibosh displaying busty photos throughout the city. The organisers were forced to cancel the compaign and spend $ 11,200 they had planned to invest on billboards elsewhere. *-- Salma Hayek's Story Time:- Just this month, beutiful actress Salma Hayek showed up at the 10th anniversary of Nickelodean's Dora. The Explorer wearing a plunging low-cut black dress. As she read to the children gathered around her, she repeatedly leaned over to speak with them, showing off her fabolous rack in the process.
Some said she showed a bit too much skin to all of those preschoolers, but quite frankly- we doubt, it was tye kids (or their dads!) who were complaining. *-- More To Offer: S'x sells, a concept that two candidates on Germany's Chritian Democratic Union (CDU) on party ticket understand too well. In 2009, the picture below appeare on more than 750 billboards, the photo shows
both of the powerful women with their cleavages on full display. The phrase "we have more to offer" is written in German underneath. Candidate Vera lengsfeld was behind the ad compaign. Chancellor Mikel, who had been criticised by the media previously in 2008 for the same photo in this compaign, did not approve the use of her image and said the billboards were " embarrassing" and "shameful". *-- Amanda Drury: This Is News:- In 2009, CNBC Anchor Amanda Drury wore a blouse that some vieweres considered to be too skimpy for TV. The shiny blue ruffled top did show a healthy amount of skin, causing media to poke fun at Drury by implying
that even anchorwomen were negatvely-impacted by textile shortage. Repotedly, the big wigs at CNBC asked that Drury ditch the low neckline and now she dresses conservatively on the air. No word yet on whether her ratings have dropped exponentially.

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