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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Unconsummated Marriage And Female Sexual Disorder

The vwoman suffering from female sexual disorder includes disorders related to desire for sex, arousal during sexual activity and problem with orgasm which hindrs being intimate with her husband. These disorders have a long list of conditions which can be divided into hree categories:-- *-- Sexual Desire Disorder:-- These include, hypoactive sexual desire disorder in which there is lack of sexual fantasies or thoughts. A woman suffering from this disorder does not have a desire for sex and is not interested in the sexual advances of her partner. This may also becalled loss of libido. Another is sexual aversion disorder,in which there is a severe fear or phobia of any sexual activity with a partner. *-- Sexual Arousal Disorder:-- The problem is in staying sexually excited. A woman would like to have sex, but when she has it, it is not pleasurable. This may be due to decreased sensitivity in the genitals, or lack of vaginal lubrication or wetness. Sexual arousal disorder may be due to decreased blood flow to the vagina or clitoris. *_- Orgasmic Disorder:-- The problem related to having an orgasm ( which is the rhythmic involoutary contraction of pelvic and uterine muscles. It may be difficult for a woman having this disorder to have orgasm, if she does have orgasm it will take long time. Some women describe their orgasm as muffled or not as intense as they once were. Other women may not be able to reach orgasm at all. This problem occures even though woman has been sexually stimulated and asroused. The psychologocal cause may be be the lack of intimany, a woman may have been loving another man before marriage, she would be aroused sexually stimulated may get pregnant but would never reach orgasm. Love and intimacy is basic requirement for pleasant partnership relation of wife and husband. Hatred may totally decrease the desire for closeness.

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