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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Be Careful! Smart TV Can Spy On You

While watching favorite programs on the Smart TV installed on the wall of drawing room, can you imagine that someone is keeping an eye on your activities through this magic equipment from the distance of thousand miles. It will be unbelievable that an equipment that shows you the colorful , new , interesting and other programs of your choice in your bedroom or drawing room can spy on you, but it is a fact. Smart Tv is not only a TV but it can be taken as a computer as it can be linked to internet.You can make purchases through "shopping apps" from Amazon on Smart TV. You can watch You Tube, you can download films through 'net flex' Smart television can be connected to "iTune" you can converse with friends and relatives through it on Skype. The important point is that the Smart TV manufacturing companies are using this apparatus for spying on the users. They collect complete data of the users through the flat screen television. On the basis of this data the users' interests are monitored and ads are displayed according to the users intersts and watched programs. These companies are earning higher profites for unnecessary ads. Recently an It consultant and British citizen Jason revealed spying of the comapanies on costumers through Smart television.

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