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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Another "Dirty Secret" About Veena's Sudden Marriage

Newly married Pakistani Bollywood actress Veena Malik has all hands full- not taking charge of her households but cleaning controversies that surrounds her sudden marriage. Before she could enjoy a blissful married life Malik's alleged ex-boyfried/manager Prashant Pratap Singh has accused her of fraud, betrayal. Veena retorted back calling him ex-employee who is maligning her reputation and also doubting his sexual orientation. This fired up the jilted lover and Singh has claimed that Veena was pregnant with his child. Learning of Veena's sudden marriage, Prashant revealed that Veena was carrying hid child in 2012, They discovered about the pregnancy on May 10. According to Prashant Veena was very keen on having the baby, but they were not ready for it. After attending the opening shoot of her Kannsda film "Dirty Picture": Silk Sakkath Maga', they decided to terminate the pregnancy. Orashant further elaborated that he knows the intimate about Veena which her current husband Asaad can confirm. It looks like this marriage will terminate soon as is routine in Bollywood and Lollywood as well as in Hollywood. The marriage in Showbiz specially of actresses is to enhance their market and Veena knows the tactics.

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