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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Jennifer Grout Confirms Reverting To Islam

Though denying her earlier video claiming her reversion to Islam, US singer Jennifer Grout has confirmed the news, adding that she has started praying, learn Qura'an and pay Zakat. "Actually the video that everyone has seen is a part of the Morooccan film I made before my performance aired on " Arabs Got Talent", Grout told Gulf News on Tuesday January 21. "And originally I was upset and mostly scared, that it ended up on the internet.
Because I had not even gotton chance to tell my family and the closest friends about Islam before there were heaelines everywhere saying I had converted. "However that is now out there, may be it is a positive thing-I am not ashamed of what I believe in" she added in an email interview. Grout is an American singer who fascinate the Arab World after reaching the final three of the competition "Arabs Got Talent". ERarlier this month a video had been posted on the You Tube showing her making the Shahaza declaration of faith. She said "I say Shahada from my heart and I have recently stsarted performing five daily prayers." She also pland to fast during he month of Ramazan later this year and also trying to be more generous to practice zakat.

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