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Monday, January 6, 2014

Former President Parvez Musharraf Started Selling His Property In London

Former president of Pakistan Gen (R) Parvez Musharraf has started selling his London property and he demanded 2.95 million pounds (%0 million PKR) for one of his flates and other has been already sold for 0.4 million pounds that was in the name of Sahba Musharraf and this #531 one bedroom flat is located in Park West Building on Ajuar Road. The other flat for sale is also locateed in the weathiest area of West London on Ajuar Road. The flat is in the Norfolk Crescent Area in famous Castle Acre Building on 9th floor and its # is 28 that was purchased by Mushsrraf on May 13 in 2009 for 1.365 million pounds. This luxurious cflat onsists of four bedrooms with double rception. Former president had been staying in this flat before coming to Pakistan. The famous Hude Park property dealer Chestorton Hunbets has been asked to sell the flat and several parties have come to see the flat. Musharraf had kept his cook Hayat for taking care of the flat who is paid 1200 pounds for the care. However, it is not known why is he selling the Londn property. Did he ger hopelesss of his health? How life of the kings the richest the wealthies the dictators ednds but when in power they forget the end of life. Allah Is Great. (Allah O Akbar).

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