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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Will Michelle And Obama Split After The End Of Presidential Tenure?

British newspaper Daily Mail has disclosed that Michelle and Obama have reached near to separate/split. Daily Mail has reported quoting American magazine "National Enquirer" at the eve of 50th birthday of American first lady Michelle Obama that Obama has divorced his wife Michelle. Their 21-year married life has ended. After cpmplertion of presidential tenure in 2016 they will split. According to magazine Obama will leave for his native state Hawaii and Michelle will stay with her daughters in Washington. At the rituals of funeral of late Nelson Medella the disputes between them had risen brecause of Obama photograph together with the prime mister of Denmark. Similsarly, political analyst Edward Clane in his book during 2012 revealed that once in 2000 Obama was so much disappointed from his failing married life that his friends feared obama may not opt
for suicide. Clane wrote that Mechelle was outraged at the defeat of Obama in congress elections because she had stopped him running the election.

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