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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Materialistic Lives, Lonliness And Depression Are The Causes Of Rising Suicide Trend In Americans

It is commonly thought that in the developed countries people would be living prosperous, happy,enjoyable and pleasant lives, but Unitee States of America which is the super power of the world at present is usually considered a Role Model. American states like washington, New York and California are presented in the media as the paradises on erth and the Americans as the "super nation" While it is thought about the developing countries and their people that due to poverty and ignorance their people would be living miserable lives and all the defects and defiencies of human lives will be found in the people of these poor countries and they would be living in hells. But astonishing thing is that inspite of the properity in these countries neither people are living happy lives nor they are contented spritually or physically and mentally. Therefore, the trend of ending their lives by themselves is on the rise in Americans. There are several organisations working in the USa for the control of suicides in Americans, one of among them is " "National Suicide Prevention Life Line Network" that provides guidance through phones to the persons who are disappointee from lives and want to cut the strip of lives. This network has 169 call centers throughout the country. One of the phones in New York City's call center is called " Bridge Phone" that is linked to New York's Help Call Booths installed on 11 bridges of the city. Though its bell seldom rings but when it rings its voice is no less than a blast for the operators sitting on the '24/7 life net hotline', because it ring means that some of the American has reached to any of the 11 bridges for committing suicide. Operator has to provide help immedistely to the person reaching to the the bridge for suicide who can take any step any time. Tremendous increase in the suicide rate has been noted in the USA since 2005. According to Centre for Diseases Control and Prevention, in 2010, more than 38,300 Americans comitted suicide. From 1999 to 2010, Americans aging between 35 to 65 yerars of age the increase in the rate of suicide has been seen up to 28.4 percent. There are many suicide cases that have not been reported. The situation haas reached to he extent that persons working in the head office of National Suicide Control and Prevention Lifeline say that so many calls are received after evening that several have to wait for the reply. According to a survey 8 million Americans are thinking about committing suicide while 1.1 million people intending suicide contact the lifeline network. These trends of suicides are not peculiar to the USA but it is the tragedy of all the western countries and culture. It is only due to farness from religion (any), rising rates of divorces, single parents, men and women living together without marriages and leaving the kids on the mercy of the world, senior citizens living in governments homes far from their children who send them greeting cards on christmas or on some other occsasions and leaving children on their own after being of 18 years. All count to the increasing trend of suicide in the Western countries. Muslim countries have nearly zero percent of suicides because due due to joint family system thy live happy lives. Senior citizens live withy their grandsons and grand daughters and enjoy lives. The respect of old people is more in Muslim countries that is the reason muslims live happily and nobody thinks of committing suicides.

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