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Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Largest Glacier Of Antarkatica Pine Island Is Melting.

Three teams of scientists have claimed that the biggest glacier Pine Island's size is reducing. According to the experts even if there is extreme cold the process of its melting will not stop. Experts say sea water suface will rise due to the melting of Pine Island glacier. According to an estimate the sea surface will rise from 3.5 to 10 mm during next 20 years. Dr Helmer say his glacier is like a ball that will roll around. The volume of he glacier is 160,000 square feet that is three fold in volume of that of total area of Britain. The part of the glacier that was linked to sea is now 10 km away from its bank. Sceitists say we allowed the the glacier to melt during experiments and slowed down its speed but dstill the portion of glacier that touches the sea is melting. According to scientists the reduction in the sie of glacir is not due to rise in temperature but is because of hot waves under the sea. The hot waves are cutting he part of glacier which is under the sea. According to study the in the area of Antakatica where PIG and other big glaciers are present, there 150 cubic kilometer ice is dropping to sea annually.

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