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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Why Not To Auction Pakistan? IF PIA, National Construction Co and Heavy Electrical Complex Are Being Privitized

The most iniilegible government of Pakistan in its 66 year- history is going to auction and privitize major institutions of the country. Government failed to eradicate corruption in these departments and now it seems its only one solution to sell these on cheaper rates and spend the money for these departments on the luxurient lives of VIPs, to spend on purchasing bulletr proof vehicles for them and hand over the remaning money to parliamentarians on the name od developments rather political bribery. Privitization commission has approvede the selling of 26 percent shsares of PIA, to aution National Power Construction Company and to privitize Heavy Electrical Complex. It was also decided in the meeting of the Commission chaireed by the Chairman Muhammad Zubair, who is interstingly brother of Asad Omar Khan, an important leader of Government's opponent party Tehreek e Insaaf: that government will get KPR 20 billion by selling 5 % shares of Pakistan Petroleum Limited, KPR 70 to 80 billion from selling 10 % shares of Oil and Gas Development Company Limited, Rs 15 billion from 10 5 shares of United Bank Limited, Rs 40-50 billion from 20 % shares of Habib Bank Limited, and government will get Rs 10 billion from selling 10 % sharres of Allied Bank. It was also though what financial benefits can be had from selling Islamabad and Faisalabad Electrical Supply companies as well as from selling the Termal Powere Station Muzaffargarh. The meeting discusseed the financial benefits from selling these institution for whom? Pakistanis must think about it. Who will geet the benefits? Then why not to sell satom bomb to Israel? who is very keen for the transaction and will get for an ordinary price or to India who is trying very hard to oppupy Pakistan's atomic assets and has been spending billions of rupees on wars against Pakistan and spending huge money on army, it will get freely and easily what it wants and needs. .

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