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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hong Kong Tycoon's Daughter In A Letter To Her Father Accepted She Was Lesbian

The daughter of a Hong Kong Tycoon has urged her father in an open letter to accept she is a lesbian. , after he offered millions to find her husband. Gigi Chao says Cecil Chao should "accept her partner and treat her like a dignified human being." Ms Chao, 33, who married her long-term partner Sean Eav in France in 2012, also emphasized, "There are plenty of good men, they are just not for me." Mr Chao reportedly offered to double his 2012 offer of $ 60 million. Hong Kong does not recognise same-sex union, although homosexuality was discriminalised in 1991. Mr Chao a property and shipping tycoon who himself has never married told the BBC last year that his daughter needed a 'good husband'. He said at the time his monetary offere for any man to woo his daughter had generated many replies from potential suitors. The letter by Ms Chao, a sicoalite and a businesswoman was published in Hong Kong's two newspapers. She addressed her father saying," As your daughter I would want nothing more than make you happy. But in terms of relationship, your exprectations of me and the reality who I am are not coherent. " She added " I am sorry to mislead you to think I was only in a lesbian relationship, because there was a shortage of good suitable men in Hong Kong. Ms Chao ended her letter by signing it "Patiently Yours".

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