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Friday, January 17, 2014

The Wife Of Indian Minister Accuses ISI For His Husband's Alleged Love Affair

The wife of Indian Human Resources minister Shashi Tharor accused Pakistan for the treachery, insicerity, her domestic disputes and unfaithfulness of her husband. The wife of Indian minister for stte, Sonandra Thror has accused her husband of having affairs with the Pakistan ISI agent Mehr Tarar, a high profile Pakistani journalist. She said she will divorce him. It is third marriage of Shashi Tharor that is also reaching to its end. The matter stsrted when Sonandra read some tweets on her husband's twitter account. Minister adopting diplomatic attitude has started ceasefire attempts. Indian media is calling their battle as on Pak India border clashes. Sonandra cauht hold of Shashi's black berry on which Mehr Tarar and Indian minister had exchanged tweets during last April. Mehr Tarar has totally senied her allegtions and said she has grown up son and she remains mostly at home. Her brother was a diplomate and had a vast circle of folloers on tweets, similarly Shashi has too millions of followers on twitter. She declared Sonandra as whimsical.

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