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Monday, January 13, 2014

Kim VS Jen Selter--- Battle For The Title Of Queen Of Selfies

The year's early online battle to claim the title of Queen of selfie, at least for the first quarter, is turning into a battle between one of the divas of the medium-- Kim Kardashian and a newcomer, who ironically is the creation of medium itself-Jen Selter. The battle is all about the curves and the figure with a clear emphsasis on the type of 'fulness' that made Kenye's wife, Kim a paparazzi staple at the first place. Post the birth of daughter, Kim has surged back to the shape as it were, despite speculations of hair loss and other fallouts. Not wanting to bring up rear in this battle of sexiest figures, Kim, hit a series of instagram selfies, all aimed at, shall we say, showing her glut form thanks to her getting- back in shape routine.
Jen Selter is the challenger. She stormed to the to the top of the instagram and Twitter charts on the back of a 'live' blog that tracked the developmement of her figure, wityh a strong emphassis on the glutes and what her gym routine was able to do. For the moment though, as Kim is proving is back and full on form. Kim insists she has worked so hard for her post-pregnancy figure and has slammed rumours she photoshopped her instasgram photos.

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