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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Musharraf Agreed To Leave Politics For Going Abroad?

Former prsident gen(R) Parvez Musharraf has agreed to leave politics and to keep no contacts with his political party (APML) and to go abroad and not to return to Pakistan and also not to issue any political statement. The details of Musharraf's depsarture's agreement to foreign country are being decided and will be finalize after the arrival of Saudi foreign minister to Pakistan. Though Musharraf was ready to leave Pakistan but wanted to return bsack and carry out political activities from the plateform of APML, however he was forced by his foreign friends, friendly countries and the Pak army to leave politics and not to return back to Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif has met president and army chief Raheel Shsrif in this regard. The visits of president of UAE and Saudi foreign ministe to Pakistan are the part of this deal. His name from the ECL will be excluded for the purpose of his treatment in London and he may leave Pakistan during the mid of January.

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