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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Maulana, The Most Intelligent And Lucky Politician, The Part Of Each Government

As We had already wrote in several blog post, there were two intelligent politicians in Pakistan, one was the late Ba Nazir Bhutto and now only Maulana Fazal Rahman is alive and joins each and every government and finds important ministries, whether he has two or three seats in national assembly. No doubt, whether Ba Nazir Bhutto is in power, Asif Ali Zardari is ruling Pakistan, or Parvez Musharraf is controlling the country or Mian Brothers are masters of the fortune of Pakistan, Maulana Fazal Rahman has been unavoidable for them. Is there any politician who shows magic like Maulana. As I told in the blog post some time ago, I belong to Tank now distrct of KPK and this is the story of some more than two decades ago when Mufti Mahmud (RA) was alive and was active in politics, I was studying in Agriculture College Peshawar, Qazi Atta Ullah (The Late), the most famous religious leader of Tank met me at Government Transport Bus Terminal in D i Khan , we had a cup of tea and just discussed some politics of that time and he (Qazi Sahib, said Maulana Fazal Rahman (Maulana was not allowed to sit even in the gatherings of politicians at that time by Mufti Mahmud (RA); may Allah give long life to Fazal Rahman , he is very intelligent person , if he came into politics he will bring revolution. Qazi sahib was right to the extent that Fazal Rahman proved to be the most intelligent politician, though he could bring revolution in the country but he revolutionized his own fate. Now the expectations of Maulana Fazal Rahman, though after six months delay, but are being fulfilled by PM Nawaz Sharif. His two top leaders of the party Akram Durrani and Maulana Abdul Ghasfoor Haidri are being sworn in today as federal ministers. Akram Durrani has been the chief minister of KPK. Though their ministries have not been decided yet, but Maulana is keeping keen eye on one the important ministry , the ministry of communication and works. While Mumtaz Ali Bhutto the cousin of late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who was miniter of this minstry in Bhutto era, is also expecting his ministry for his son Amir Bakhsh Bhutto, the advisor to PM at present. Akram Durrani is also interested in this mistry, may be due to being contactor of construction of roads and bridges, before entering into poitics. This ministry is responsible for costruction of roads and bridgez in the country. After the induction of his two ministers in federal cabinet, JUI will be a strong aide to PML(N). Maukana will also get active to topple the KPK government after rceiving green signal from from federal government. Because from the day one Maulana is restless wity PTI government in KPK because he takes KPK his own property inherited by his ancestors. After taking oath by JUI minidsters the ministries and portfolios may also change and present ministers are trying hard to save their ministries. Woh! The multicolored politics of Pakistan.

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