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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Angelina Jolie As Maleficent In new Trailer

Angelina Joile is convincing as Mistress of All Evils in gthe latest trailer released from Disney's upcoming dark fantasy, Maleficent, which was shared Friday, Jan 17. The actress, 38, stars as the iconic villainess who terrorizes Princes Aurora played by Alle Fanning in the live action reboot of Disney's 1959 animated film 'Sleeping Beauty'. The latest trailer includes footage from the original film compared against new scenes from the retelling of the classic fairy tale. In the new trailer Jolie makes her debute after a fairy gives princess Aurora the gift of beauty. Clad in dark garb including a cape and horned headdress, Jolie's evil character
first makes the candles flicker out in the Castle's main room and eerily tells the king," I, too shall bestowe a gift upon the child." In another scence, brave innocent Aurora approaches Maleficent in a dark forest, " You have been watching over me my whole life, I know you are there." says Fanning. " Your shadow!, it has been following me ever since I was small. Do not be afraid". "I am not afraid" Maleficent responds as she glares through her evil eyes. The trailer ends with Jolie's character giving the princess some pointers, "Aurora! there is an evil in this word" she says, " i can not keep you from it". It will hit theater on Msy 30.

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