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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Film "Camp -X-Ray" Provides An Intimate Look At The Lives Of Military And Detainess

Guantanamo Bay may be a hot button topic in the political field but new film "Camp-X-Ray" provides an intimate look at he lives of military and the detainees and actress Kritina Stewart explores an unconventional friendship in her latest role. In "Camp -X-Ray", which premiered on Friday at Sundance Film Festival and is a contender in the festival's U.S. drama competition, stewart plays young military officer Army Cole on the suicide watch team at Guantanamo Bat detention camp. The US prison is located in Cuba and has been condemned internationally
for hoolding enemy combatants for years without trial. The role was a new direction for Stewart, 23, who is best known for being lead teen vampire in "Twilight' film franchise, but has been taking riskier choices, such as 2012's "on the road" to break out of the 'Twilight' spolight. The actress said that while "people are a bit afraid of doing movies about current issues" writer - director had created character in Cole that reflects most of the young women today. " It is a story about a girl who is really simple, and really relatable and just like probably most girls across the entire country. She is really normal, simple-minded girl from florida who wants to do the right thing and finally does not feel like she is." Stewrat told Reuters. While observing detainees every three minutes to make sure no one has harmed themselves, Cole bonds with detainee 417, otherwise known as Ali (Played by Payman Maadi) who constantly asks for final installment of Harry Potter's novels. The result is an intimaste drama that is littered with lighter moments such as the young Us officers bonding off duty that quickly inhabate darker undertones, be it Cole's attempt to understand her place among her peers or Ali's eager and often rash attempts to understand humanity.

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