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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Altaf Hussain Demanded Separate Province In Sindh For Urdu Speaking People

The cat is out of bag, the prersenter of idea of "Jinnah Pur" Altaf Hussain has expressed his views intentionally or unintentionally that he wants to divid Pakistan and wants a seapate state for MQM and his party. Whatever, the other incapable politicians of Pakistan are but no lesader has intended to divide Pakistan. It means Altaf Hussain and his party were never in favor of Pakistan before nor they are now. No patriotic person can say about dividing Pakistan. Altaf Hussain said said PPP was resposible for linguistic riots in Sindh during 1973. He also boated in his telephonic address about his million of workers who can fight against Taliban and India, if need arises. Though PPP has never been sinere in the prosperity and development of the country and in improving the living conditiins of common man, but it never wanted to divide the remaning half of Pakistan after divinding it in 1970. Altaf Hussain should apologize the nation and take his proposal back. All the political parties are condemning his statement about the division of Pakistan. The child politician Bilawal Zaedari has said theybwill die but never allow rto get Pakistan divided (only oral boasting). Pakistani Politicians have never been seen to sacrifice for the nation and the country. However, they can sacrifice religion and conscious for corruption.

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