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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

We Do Not Attack Religious And Public Places--- TTP

The spokesperson of Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan Shahid Ullah Shahid has said TTP is an ideological party and they do not believe in politics of deception. He said they never attack mosques, public places markets and religious sites but these are the activities of enemies of Islam. This is right ! we admit any person who has recited Kalma will never dis respect religious places, these are done by the agents of USA, India and Israel who are paid for all the killings. But why do you attack on security forces where there is fear of any innocent Muslim to be killed? But, gourilla war is also a sort of treachery why do not you fight openly? so that no other person may be killed? if you have the ambitions for Shahadat (martyrdom)? How could you answer to Allah on the day of Judgement when you list of killing innnocent people is so long? How could you you expect to enter into Janna )Paradise) if you kill a person who has no fault which is equal to the killing of humanity.?

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